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Happy Easter! (and Elections!)

Get Involved and Raise your Voice

April is full of upcoming events and important dates you need to know about! First, I hope all of us in District 158 have a safe and Happy Easter, Holi and Ramadan holiday, & are able to celebrate the spring season with our families. Statesboro is hosting our very own Easter Extravaganza at Luetta Moore Park on Easter Sunday! Throughout the month of April we have several amazing community events happening as well for the whole family to attend.  

Second but no less important, we are having primary elections and elections for the board of education on May 24th, 2022. Voter Registration Deadline for this May 24th Primary is April 25th, 2022. 

If you are a Georgia Southern Student, you can update your voter registration to vote in Bulloch County here. 

Primary elections are important to vote in when there are multiple candidates in one party running. Each party selects one candidate to run in the general election, so it is valuable to always vote in the primaries. For candidates like me who has an uncontested primary, (or a primary where I am the only party member running) primary election results give me a sense of how much early support we can count on in November. This data will be used to show me and my campaign team which areas of the district are registered to vote, so we also know where we need to spend more attention making sure everyone has the chance and ability to vote. 

Qualifying for 2022

It's official! Vote for Madeline Ryan Smith on November 8th!

Recently, I have been asked frequently what party I am running for, or if I know anyone “on the other side”. As someone who has a hard time keeping her opinion to herself, I wanted to put in writing my thoughts on republicans and democrats. Hold on tight friends!

The first thing I would want anyone to know about me is that I don’t blindly support a certain party. I support people. I grew up in a home that was split politically, which gave me the ability to see both sides and understand the larger ideas of why we believe what we believe.

As an adult, I have lived in cities and rural towns. I’ve attended different churches of different denominations, I’ve travelled all over the world and met hundreds of people who do not look, think or sound like me. And interestingly enough, some of my favorite people in life do not agree with most of my political views, and I love them just as much.

Republican, democrat, moderate. Independent…these are all words. Categories really. But when we start labelling them as “sides” that is how we create the divide we’re seeing today. We’re ALL on the SAME side. We’re all American, and we all want to see America be the best it can be.

The difference is we just don’t all agree on how to get there. This may be an unpopular opinion among others, but there’s actually nothing wrong with being republican or democrat. However, there is something wrong with being unwilling to work with or listen to someone’s differing opinion.

As a graduate student, I studied social science with a concentration in sociology. I also earned my undergraduate degree in psychology. Through my classes on political science and politics, I learned that seeing the world and people through a moderate sense is best - our entire government is made up of humans. People just like you and me. Some of us have great ideas, others not as much, but you find both outcomes inside any party.

My biggest take away from my time studying or experiencing political issues and elections has been that both extremes don’t work - there has to be common ground. There has to be active listening, conversation, sharing of opinions, and questions. Through these actions, we can open doors of opportunity that have never been unlocked before.

We must be willing to work as a team for the common good. Especially with what we’re seeing now on an international stage, now is the time to put down our arms against our neighbors, and start loving them like they are our own.

As your candidate, my message is this; Have faith in me as I have faith in you. Support District 158 and all of South Georgia by electing candidates who are active in your community & are fighting for a better tomorrow. No matter what party they are running with, let their actions speak louder than their words.

Women's History Month

March 2022

One of my favorite things about Women's History month, is that every year has it's own theme! This year, we are focused on the women in history and our lives that promote health and healing. With current events, this year's Women's History Month is a reflection of the issues America was facing during its first Women's Day in 1909. 

The 2022 Women’s History theme, “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” is both a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history. So, this year, our campaign proudly honors those who, in both public and private life, provide healing and promote hope for the betterment of all.

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