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Georgia Agriculture

Supporting Family and Minority Owned Farms

Implementing programs that provide resources and assistance for estate planning and farm succession can help family-owned farms transition smoothly from one generation to the next. This could include financial incentives, educational workshops, and access to legal and financial advisors who specialize in agricultural succession planning.

Recognizing and addressing the historical and ongoing racial disparities in agriculture is crucial for supporting family-owned farms, particularly those owned by minority communities. The State legislature could develop targeted programs and policies that provide resources, technical assistance, and financial support specifically for minority-owned family farms. This could help address the systemic barriers they face and promote equitable opportunities for success. 

Farming Sustainably 

Implementing water management strategies is crucial for sustainable agriculture, especially in water-stressed regions. This can include promoting efficient irrigation techniques, water recycling systems, and the use of precision irrigation technologies. Additionally, supporting research and development in water-saving technologies and practices can help farmers optimize water use and reduce water pollution. Learn more about my plans for a sustainable Georgia here.

Keeping it Georgia Grown

Implementing regulations that are specifically tailored to the needs of farmers markets and small agricultural retailers can help reduce bureaucratic hurdles and make it easier for these businesses to operate. This can include simplified licensing processes, exemptions for certain products, and clear guidelines for food safety and labeling requirements

Supporting the development of agritourism activities can provide additional revenue streams for farmers markets and small agricultural retailers. This can include activities such as farm tours, pick-your-own experiences, on-farm events, and farm stays. Creating legislation that facilitates agritourism operations and ensures the safety and welfare of visitors can help diversify income for these businesses.

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