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For a Better Future

Public Education is a necessity in our country. Children need access to quality education, and teachers need to be paid fairly for the work they do. Quality education includes teaching modern theory with the most updated materials and textbooks. Technology in classrooms, universal design within school structure, and productive learning environments are all part of the equation to have successful, high-achieving students who are prepared for higher education.

As a Candidate who has been through the public school system from Kindergarten through high school, and attended a public university for my Undergraduate and Master's degrees, I will always support and invest in Georgia Public Schools, Teachers, and their students 

Raising Teacher Pay

Last year, Georgia's legislature passed a $2000 pay increase for our Educators. While this may sound great, the reality is that most teachers spend more than $2000 on classroom supplies alone, per semester. The money teachers should be putting into their own bank accounts, instead goes right back to the school that employs them. 

To solve this issue, we could;
- Pass additional legislation that establishes a $4000 yearly stipend for teachers to use on their classrooms that is not tied to a teachers paycheck or level of income. 
- Raise the minimum wage in Georgia to $15/hour to support school staff and para-professionals.
- Raise the required base salary for a full time teacher to $50,000 a year paired with incentive for teacher retention. 
- Provide additional grants and scholarships for educators to continue their education, and come out of school debt-free. 

Creating Accessible Learning Environments

Public Schools are the only type of learning institution that are required to accommodate students with disabilities. While this is mandated through the American's with Disabilities Act, Georgia has very little state legislation that supports individuals with disabilities in educational settings specifically. In order to provide the best learning environment possible, we could pass legislation such as; 

- A bill requiring Braille, ASL and ESL classes to be available and provided for any child in Georgia Public schools to encourage and expand literacy and reading skills for children who are Blind, Deaf/HOH or are learning English as a second language.
- A bill requiring Direct Support Professionals to be provided to any public school student with an intellectual or developmental disability by the State at a 1:1 ratio. 
- Create additional grants and funding opportunities for School Systems that incentivize integrated learning environments, accessibility and equity for children with disabilities. (Ex. A grant for screen readers, additional special education teachers, classroom technology or books printed in Braille.)

Preparing Students for Adulthood

In Georgia, the significance of implementing modern and accurate theories and information to public school students cannot be overstated. A well-rounded education, grounded in up-to-date knowledge and relevant theories, not only prepares students for the challenges of the contemporary world but also fosters critical thinking and adaptability. Additionally, investing in trade schools is a crucial step toward creating a diverse and skilled workforce. By equipping students with practical, hands-on skills in trades and technical fields, we not only address the evolving needs of our economy but also empower individuals to pursue fulfilling and lucrative careers. This investment not only benefits the students directly but also contributes to the overall growth and prosperity of Georgia as a state.

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