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  • Madeline Ryan Smith

Rally for Roe Recap!

Yesterday was amazing! So many supporters came out, and We had a very peaceful, safe rally where we allowed men and women to speak on the reversal of Roe v Wade, and how this decision will negatively affect our lives.

I’ve seen much local rhetoric, such as “why the protest? It’s still legal here.”

And “this is not a life or death situation”

While this may be valid for some, here is a different perspective.

Abortion is still legal in Georgia FOR NOW. You only need to be literate to be able to read legislation and news. It’s very clear that abortion could become not only illegal, but criminal.

This is a life and death situation for many. Women who are forced to carry unsafe pregnancies, or women who are too sick to carry a child will die because of this decision. Pregnancies that are not viable can be the cause of sepsis as we’ve seen with multiple women who have died around the world because they could not receive an abortion.

So why the protest? We protest because we have a constitutional right to criticize our government, as well as to organize. We had a right taken from us, so we expressed our right to protest.

This is a life and death situation. Maybe not for you, maybe not for someone you know. But do not let your privileges cloud your perspective. Understand that only you know your life story, and cannot judge others on the decisions they make in theirs.

You are only aware of what you’re exposed to; so if you truly cannot understand why a woman would want to protect access to abortion, be thankful you’re clearly less impacted and let others be heard.


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