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No matter your experience in politics or elections, there is a place for you on Madeline Ryan Smith's campaign! From donations to door-knocking, we rely on individual efforts and contributions from people like you! History has shown us that the most impactful change has grown from grassroots efforts, so plant a new seed this election year, and help District 158 sustain our citizen's needs. 

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I have always said, the loudest opinion you can have is what you do with your dollar. From what non-profits you give donations, to which brand of cereal you buy, your dollar has the most power for change. This election season, I hope to earn your contribution by being honest, transparent, and showing (not just saying) that I have District 158 as a top priority.

Campaign Signs are Here!

Signs are here! Campaign signs are free and will be hand delivered by a member of the team to any address within the district! All you have to tell us is where and when!

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